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Cruising Toward the End

Funny thing is when I first read the title. It reminded me of the Smokey Robinson song Cruise. So when I entered the site, I wasn't surprised at the vibe once I entered the site. The car made me think about cruising in the casual driving sense.

Then when I began to explore the e-lit piece I came to this screen:

 The entire vibe of this first page made think that we were headed on a journey of sight and sound. I was captivated by this photo. It made me think about my possible e-lit project and what I'd like for it to look like. There is a possibility that I could capture a photo that represents in my piece in totality. Then I click on the launch button.

I was brought to this screen. The image of the woman intrigued me because I wondered how she fit in what seemed like a puzzle. The jazz music set the tone of the rapid movement of the images at the lower part of the screen. Everything seemed to be melodic and after watching for a while, I was set into a trance. Very much like it would happen if you were cruising in a car. I spent about ten minutes wondering where the words were. Then I hovered over the flashing words, then I saw this:

Now the images were enlarged. The music stayed at the same tempo but I noticed at first the words moved from left to write. As the jazz music blared through my speakers I tried to make sense of the images as the words flew by backwards. Then something happened. All of a sudden, the words started moving in a direction where they could be read, if you slowed down the tempo. It wasn't until I did a screenshot of this image did I notice the words matched up to what was being said. I moved the arrow over the words causing them to slow down and then speed up. I found it to be extremely relaxing. I paid more attention to the melody and sounds and the movement of the words rather than the story being told. That within itself was an experience and it told the story of the feel that cruising gives a person.

My E-Lit Piece

Mya's InstaStory. I'm going to create an E-lit piece based on my character using Instagram. So far I only have one post and one image. One of my students reminded me of my main character Mya. I saw her touting her Howard University para during the college event at my job. It hit me in an instant that she was my Mya. Luckily, Mya is a fictional student who attends the actual school where I work. So my goal is to get some shots of my student who is acting as Mya this week to add to Mya's Instagram. The first post is going to be in memory of her grandmother, Big Ma. Who dies at the start of the book. This event serves as the catalyst that gives her the gift of sight, brings her father back into her life essentially setting life on a different path-- one which, Mya never saw coming. Her Instagram will be filled with photos, quotes and other things that Mya would post. I'm also going to include hyperlinks to songs that dictate and express her mood. I think I am going to post the photos based on events that transpire in different chapters of the book.


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Social Justice Quest

This week we're exploring the not a game, e-lit "game" Quing's Quest VII the self-proclaimed anti-video game e-lit piece, subtitled, The Death of Video Games. The concept of this game is that it was supposed to show the way that the feminist movement is going to be the death of video games. This was shocking and interesting to me, to think that the idea of women playing video games would lead to the death of them. The idea of a woman's involvement means things being domesticated or softened up.

When you enter the game the colors are very bright and feminine. You can't get any more feminine than neon pink and green.

When you hover over the words in this section they change. 

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